Moby Dick Charters
for all your boating needs
What We Do
  1. Sunset Cruises
    Sunset Cruises
    Relax and watch the sun fade into the sea as you enjoy the beautiful Bermuda sunset.
  2. America's Cup Spectator Boat
    America's Cup Spectator Boat
    Watch the best sailors from all over the world compete for oldest trophy aboard the Moby Dick $100 per person

Inshore and offshore Fishing

 Captain Pete is also a commercial fisherman and can take you out to the best local spots!
  1. Raft Up
    Raft Up
    Don't be left on shore, when all the excitement is on the water!
  2. Island Excursions
    Island Excursions
    Want to get away from the crowds at the beach? Captain Pete can take you away to a secluded island paradise all of your own.
  1. Private Charters
    Private Charters
    Get away for the day and soak up all Bermuda's natural beauty.
  2. Water Taxi Services
    Water Taxi Services
    Travel back and forth to the heart of St. George's and Grotto Bay Beach Resort's dock.
About Us
  There is no place we would rather be than on the water with you! Captain Peter Rodday has always dreamed of spending his days and nights piloting the Moby Dick. His passion for boating is obvious the second you come aboard.
   This classic boat is 40ft long and the hull is made from Bermuda Cedar. It was made by Portuguese shipwrights right here in St. George's in the late 1960s. In the off season Captain Pete pours his heart and soul into keeping the Moby Dick in prestine condition.